The ideas behind this website can be summed up as personalizing what we understand intellectually.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe urged the Gentiles of the world to learn and implement the Seven Universal Noahide Laws which apply to all of Mankind.

By contemplating these Laws and bringing them to fruition, we are promised a safer and more peaceful world.

Since writing poetry about them is one way to internalize their ideas – I thought to highlight them here.

The Seven Universal Noahide Laws

  1. Belief in One G-d – by rejecting any form of idol worship
  2. Honoring G-d – by not blaspheming His Name
  3. Preserving Human Life – by not murdering
  4. Respecting Family Relationships – by not committing adultery, incest, homosexuality, and the like
  5. Respecting Property – by not stealing
  6. Respecting G-d’s Creatures – by not eating the flesh of a living animal
  7. Establishing Honest Courts – by adhering to a just legal system