I came in today for another session.


We started off with a few old tracks

– stacks of the old stuff

lying around already for ages.


The sound wasn’t quite right

– so we pumped up the volume

and ditched the background noise.


I added a few verses of my own

– along with the usual

and liked the combo.


It felt real.


Now it was just a matter of dubbing that take onto a quality  track

– with a few of the other verses that felt real

and compiling it for the next session.


It is therefore easily corrected, so that [his prayer] may once again rise to the state from which it was originally repelled, when he prays with proper intention even one [full] prayer gathered piecemeal from the prayers of the entire year.

לכך יש לה תיקון בקל

לחזור ולעלות

כשמתפלל בכוונה אפילו תפלה אחת מלוקטת מתפלות כל השנה

כמו שכתוב במקדש מלך

פרשת פקודי


– Tanya, Kuntres Acharon – Essay 3