For man was so created from birth, that every person may, with the power of the will in his brain — i.e., the will created of his mind’s understanding — restrain himself and control the drive of his heart’s lust, preventing his heart’s desires from finding expression in deed, word and thought, when the mind understands the evil inherent in such deed, word or thought, and [he can, if his mind will it] divert his attention completely from that which his heart craves [and turn his attention] to the exactly opposite direction.

– Tanya, Chapter 12

I scrutinized the crowd

for any signs of malice.

While they snaked their way up

toward the splendor of the palace.

An assorted lot indeed

press against the gate,

none too eager to heed

my calls to have them wait.

A great clamor, a great bustle

amidst shoves here and there;

for only a select few

will gain entrance to the lair.

Only a select few

possessed of dignity and honor

pass through the corridors

of the thoughts I garner.

For I am the royal gatekeeper

loyal to the King –

and not every stray thought

has the stamp of the royal ring.