How long to venerate this daily fare

at the expense of self-respect’s tab?


Craving its former glory,

a forlorn heart

seeks a hollow solace.


So a harlot pimps a starved soul,

which tastes deception,

yet succumbs to spiritual hunger.


Now watch as silverware shadows

cast a simmering discontent

into a self-devouring orgy!


Seducing his waist

with a tourniquet embrace

she tries to entice him deeper.


Yet even this sorceress cannot fool

that which a solitary kiss

has countless times before



מה שאין כן היצר הרע וכח המתאוה לדברים המותרים

הוא שד משדין יהודאין

On the other hand, the evil impulse and the craving force after permissible things to satisfy one’s craving is one of the “Jewish demons”.

– Tanya Chapter 8