I am a thief
yet not of money
nor cars
nor jewelry.

I am a thief
of Life.

I steal from her
moments of time
time and time again
until I have my fill.

Once out on bail
I spend my parole
casing the house
of the One
who had pledged the bond
for my release.

And when He isn’t looking
I empty His pockets
yet again.

וכן קיום וחיות כל המעשה דבור ומחשבה בעניני עולם הזה שאין בהם צד איסור
So, too, the existence and vitality of every act, utterance and thought in mundane matters that contain no forbidden aspect

לא שורש ולא ענף משס״ה מצות לא תעשה וענפיהן דאורייתא ודרבנן
— being neither root nor branch of the 365 prohibitive precepts and their offshoots, prohibited either on the explicit authority of the Torah, or by Rabbinic enactment —

רק שאינן לשם שמים
yet are not performed for the sake of heaven;

אלא רצון הגוף וחפצו ותאותו
instead they serve only the will, desire and lust of the body;

ואפילו הוא צורך הגוף וקיומו וחיותו ממש, אלא שכוונתו אינה לשם שמים כדי לעבוד את ה׳ בגופו
and even where it is a need of the body and necessary for its very preservation and life, the fault lies in that his intention is not for the sake of heaven, i.e., to utilize his body as an instrument in the service of G‑d.

  • Tanya, Chapter 7

© 2020 Chaim Yochanan Cohen – All Rights Reserved

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