“He who steals the slightest amount from his friend is as if he stole his soul.”

– Bava Kama 119a

For the night is a time of danger…. and had this individual been thinking of words of Torah, these thoughts would have protected him.”

– Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura, as cited from Be’iruim lePirke Avot (1982) as part of the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


A vampire

flapping along the airwaves,

antennae attuned to the sighs

of forlorn lives

seeking solace.

A creature of darkness

sucking our life force

with painless pinpricks

barely perceived.

Enveloping us in a web –

a network of spidery channels –

while sedating us

with waters of


And there,

looking at reflections

of reflected faces

on the shimmering screen

a tease of immortality

broadcasted among the mildew

of empty hours